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John Power & Son Dublin Whiskey Pot Still

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John Power & Son Dublin Whiskey Pot Still

Postby Joel1802 » Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:49 am

Distilled at the old John's Lane distiller bottled 1950s/60s

Colour: Gold

Nose: Sweet, dusty, cotton candy, grease, paint thinner, herbicide, windex

Body: Medium - light,

Palate: Sweet, cotton candy, herbicide, dusty windex, saw dust, perfumed, sherry

Finish bitter, becomes sweet, icing sugar, motor oil, perfume, plastic

Big, dirty Dublin Pot Still 89 points

I don't rate this as highly as Bow St, but damned good. I really do prefer the old dirty style of Pot Still. Here's hoping at least one of the planned distilleries recreates it!
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