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Old Irish Gold 15

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Old Irish Gold 15

Postby Joel1802 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:23 am

Distillery unknown, but based on the age and being Pot Still it must be closed whatever distillery(ies) this came from.

Colour light gold

Nose: bakery, grainy, waxy, plastic?, cereal, sweet, pastry, faintly floral

Body: very light, coating

Palate: old shop or house (old plastic?), soap?,cereal, dusty, pastry, sweet, old paint,

Finish: short, paint, cereal,

biscuity and old houses, churches, shops -- old vinyl or plastic? old varnish or paint? Quite odd, not reminiscent of the distillery characters of Bow st, Tullamore, or Old Middleton based on my experience. A very strange, but good whisky. 88

Thanks John.
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