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Willie Napier 44 Y.O.

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Willie Napier 44 Y.O.

Postby Joel1802 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:33 am

Distilled 1945 Tullamore Distillery
Bottled 1989
40% abv
114 bottles from cask

Colour: bronze

Nose: Sweet, and industrial: icing sugar, vanilla, cough syrup, oak, cold engines, cut grass, machine shop, porridge, honey, dusty, grain lofts.

Palate: Sweet, cotton candy, sherry, kerosene, floral, hydraulic fluid, boiled sweets, pears, cur grass, engine oil, perfume, floral, oat bars, honey, more grain and dust. Close to the nose.

Finish: Keep with the established theme, cold engines, sweets, wet concrete, some spice (cloves and pepper), oak, burnt toast, garden shed. Long.

Outstanding. The greatest Irish Whisky I have had. Huge, complex, and tastes like more.

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