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Midleton Single Cask SPS 71578

Midleton Whiskey tasting notes
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Midleton Single Cask SPS 71578

Postby Fionnán » Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:53 pm

thought i'd start posting some of the notes i've been keeping for the SPS project.

These are the notes i took for the 3rd CWS Midleton Single Cask (2010). First fill bourbon barrel SPS. Cask #71578. 46% ABV. Bonded 10 December 1996.

Nose: Banana, a little grass-- fresh cut grass specifically and a weird fresh cut cilantro type aroma at the back of the nose. A late spring type version of the usual SPS spice you'd get off something closer to a Greenspot. the familiar bourbon barrel honey and vanilla notes are hard to find but the legacy has definitely brought out some strange character in the native pot still aromas.

Palate: Pot-still spice in a light spring laid-back interpretation with none of the intense raw ginger I usually get from a midleton-make sps but, if you look for it through the fresh grass flavors, the ginger is still there.

Finish: this is where the bourbon influence seems to have been hiding. creamy vanilla in a big way mixed with more of that same fresh cut grass interpretation of SPS spice (but still laid back).

After a dash of water...

Nose: light bourbon influence, instead of bananas it becomes almost like banana flavored candy, (think laffy taffy banana). Dead-ends a bit in comparison to the unwatered nose.

Palate: more laffy taffy banana with warm familiar SPS character mixing in well. The SPS spice is more allspice than cinnamon spice.

Finish: Warm SPS spice mixed with a thick wave of the same laffy taffy banana candy flavor. Spice not as long as the unwatered dram.
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