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Kilbeggan Distillery Reserve Malt Whiskey (2010)

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Kilbeggan Distillery Reserve Malt Whiskey (2010)

Postby IrishWhiskeyChaser » Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:07 pm

Kilbeggan Distillery Reserve Malt Whiskey 40%

Nose: A much heavier nose than the Cooley Riverstown style. Even though at only 40% it seems to have a bit of nose prickle. Pungent sweet Malt (not over powering though), plasticine & a touch of rubber, stewed fruits ( apple orange and lemon) with cinnamon, (Think of a mulled wine without the wine if you get my drift).

Taste: Lovely Tartness at the start, hot in parts even (probably due to the youth of this Malt) but there is a lovely soft mouth feel to this whiskey... the stewed fruits continue in the taste with Cinnamon but also almond, A little wood and a spice sparkle on the tongue. Lovely and rich flavours all intermingle like a sweet rich Belgium beer all underlined by sweet sugary syrup however possibly a touch of bitter wood sap which is a slight negative.

Finish: The spice and rich sweetness fades into a drying warm finish where the spice and wood remains on the tongue and to me is quite long.

Over all: Sweetness and Spice. An intriguingly unique and enjoyable Irish Malt full of flavour that be-lies its age even though it probably is a tad immature. However it is well worth the punt in my view. I wonder if it is coloured though as it has a grand golden hue. On first visit I really liked this but I suppose I should reserve judgement until I give it a few more goes.
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