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Nosing Kit (Glenfiddich)

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Nosing Kit (Glenfiddich)

Postby IrishWhiskeyChaser » Fri May 26, 2017 12:52 pm

Hi All I have a Glenfiddich nosing kit for sale if anyone is interested.

I bought this with the intention of hosting a nosing session for a group who had asked me to do so to get people used to the different aromas to look out for but it never materialised in the end.

Therefore this has never been used and is as new. One minor issue is that it is in German :roll: but all the descriptions can be got online easily

12 essences in all and a book of paper dippers.

1. Pear 2. Wood 3. Vanilla 4. Orange 5. Clove 6. Honey 7. Apple
8. Cinnamon 9. Toffee 10. Leather 11. Dark Chocolate 12. Ginger

This retailed at €69.90 when originally released but cost me around €60 delivered from Germany at the time of purchase.
These are now collectable and have increased in price so if available on ebay go for much more.
Any offers please PM me. Thanks.

Glenfiddich Nosing Kit.JPG
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