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Averys Supreme Irish Whiskey 29 Years Old

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Averys Supreme Irish Whiskey 29 Years Old

Postby mikew831 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:49 pm

Hello all, new to the site. Recently came across the following bottle when cleaning out my Uncle's cellar. Wondering if anybody had a similar bottle, where is came from, and an approximate value. Couldn't seem to find the same bottle in previous posts. The bottle is unopened and the seal seam to be intact. I will also try to post a picture. Bottle says the following:

(PIcture of sail)
Irish Whiskey
Selected 29 Years Old
Stored in Oak Casks since 1923
and Bottled in 1953
"A Truly splendid liqueur whiskey"
Bristol, England
Charles L RIchardson and CO., Inc.
171 Summer Street, Boston, Mass

Thanks for all your time. I truly appreciate it.
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