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Some blogging on 17th of March

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Some blogging on 17th of March

Postby MyIrishHome » Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:39 pm

I have a blogg (in swedish thou) and to day I did a posting I thought you might like. I used google translate, sorry if it's not correct but probably better then me doing the translattion.

Anyway, we celebrated him here in the Karlströmska home with fish 'n' ships (although fasting may be lifted to celebrate the saint), good beer and green cream. The latter mostly because the son has had five year birthday party. Now I sit with a freshly opened bottle of Tyrconnell and the very end of my Clontarf single malt. Sitting here and dreaming about the green island and think of that time I went cycling on a hot day in Connemara, northwest of Galway. I was looking for ice cream and turned in to one of those combined gas station, grocery store and pub-variant which remained at the end of last century was still in Ireland (and perhaps still exists today). I had been shopping there three days earlier. Outside it was a car that I only incidentally noted was English. Once inside the store, I find an extremely irritable (or maybee irritated) middle-aged or elderly gentleman who scream the blood-red in the face to the clerk. I didn't understand all of but most of it was about the Irishman is dumb/stupid/evil and that the English man not at all believe that he did not understand English. The Irishman answered calmly, methodically and patiently to me totally not understandable in Irish as well as a brief "Me No English." The English man rushes out of the shop and before the door slams shut, he started the car and traveled from there to a flying start. I look surprised at the clerk, three days earlier, he talked excellent English. He pulls a little on the shoulders, Englishmen, he says, and asks me what I like ... In a perfect English of course


Happy St Patricks to you all

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