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Society Samples

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Society Samples

Postby danny56712 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:20 pm

Has the society ever tried sourcing bottles to open for sample purposes.

Eg: discuss with distilleries and major retailers re obtaining bottles for cheaper prices, bottling into 5cl samples and selling to its members on a no profit or small society profit basis so as to cover costs of unsold stock etc.

I think from a members point of you or at least i know from my point of view i would be happy to see society make a profit and i enjoy ability to sample expensive whiskies pre splashing out and buying them.

From retailer / distilleries point of view its plain and simple effective advertising for new releases which certainly would lead to sales on good quality whiskey!

Just a thought and may well be a reason why its off the cards!
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Re: Society Samples

Postby Good Whiskey Hunting » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:22 pm

Just seen this post. A good idea but more suited to a shop I believe. Masters Of Malt and The Celtic Whiskey Club do it already.

I guess that what we do at tastings. We get to taste some unusual whiskeys. We often get to try so rare and expensive ones too.
I tried the old Powers pot still at a tasting and later sourced a bottle for myself. I've also ended up buying Dungourney 64 and Green Spot 10 &12 following tastings.

We're often first to try distillery releases such as the recent Pot Stills. I know lots of members buy the bottle later and discuss them on the forum, eg Redbreast 21. This is great for the industry. I know I generally check out newer whiskeys online and get great info about them.

Your based near Cork I believe. I know Liam Murray has set up a charter there and they have had tastings.

It may help if the committee put up more info about this.
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