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Dick Mack's

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Dick Mack's

Postby DavidH » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:51 am

How did it go in Dingle last week?

(I adjusted the word filter so it should be safe to discuss now :) )
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Re: Dick Mack's

Postby Good Whiskey Hunting » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:55 am

Cheers David.

It was a great weekend. Well done to Peter White for all his work. He even organised tours for us.

Thanks to Finn and the staff of Dick Mac's for everything. Ove, Edel, Zoltan & Foinnán were also very helpful.

I for one will definitely be back again.
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Re: Dick Mack's

Postby Fionnán » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:59 am

well done to Peter for a class weekend! Sobering up in dublin this morning and looking forward to a sequel visit. We even got a chance to try some of the new spirit off the dingle stills and the stuff is gorgeous, aldehydic, grassy, impressive spirit. Hopefully they dont soi it with pedro ximnez and port because the stuff is lovely delicate tripple distilled malt at the moment
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Re: Dick Mack's

Postby IrishWhiskeyChaser » Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:50 am

A few Lines from Peter on the night ...

On Friday, April 05 2013, Dick Macks hosted the first Irish Whiskey Society (IWS) tasting to take place outside Dublin. Dick Macks is the only whiskey bar in Dingle and the first bar in Kerry outside Killarney to be included on the Ireland Whiskey Trail.
Despite some minor technical glitches before the start of the tasting, the evening was a tremendous success. The tasting had been booked out well in advance and eleven members of the IWS braved the country’s roads on a Friday just to attend. The locals were well up for a great evening and indeed, we could have accommodated twice as many people on the night, such was the demand.
Although seven whiskeys were originally planned, (including the now legendary IWS 2012 Midleton bottling), we tasted eight on the night as our kind friends at Teeling Whiskey Company donated a bottle of their 21 year old Vintage Reserve. This is not on general sale as of yet so it was a great honour for the IWS and the locals of Dingle to be among the first members of the public to taste such an excellent whiskey. Many thanks, Alex!
The other whiskeys tasted were a Jameson, Yellow Spot, Irishman 12 single malt, Tyrconnell Madeira single malt, Powers Johns Lane and Bushmills 16 year old single malt. Needless to say, these superb whiskeys were enjoyed by all but by the end of the night, there could be only one winner and that was the IWS Midleton bottling from 2012 which has been a roaring success. Unfortunately there were only 204 bottles of this single pot still whiskey released. One can however see the cask in which it was stored for 17 years in Dick Mack’s pub. Indeed this sparked a lot of interest on the night. Thanks to Heidi Donelan who sent along two Belgian visitors on the night and who own a whiskey bar on Belgium’s only beach, apparently. They were so taken with our bottling that they have promised to join the IWS on their return to Belgium in the hope of getting future bottling’s such as this.
It is important to thank a great many people for their help in organising the society’s first foray into the country. Finn Mac Donnell of Dick Macks who has taken to whiskey like a duck to water, the local people for letting us take over their watering hole and supporting the event, the IWS members who travelled to the event and who enjoyed the hospitality of the local b&bs, pubs and restaurants, the distilleries who supplied whiskey on the night, those who supplied furniture and other accoutrements, Mary Ferriter of Dingle Distillery who gave us such a fantastic morning in the new distillery, Mossy and Lorcan of West Kerry Live and Mary O Flaherty of The Kerryman Newspaper for publicising the event and many others who helped make this a success. This will hopefully become a yearly event in the Irish Whiskey Society and Dingle event calendar.
Roll on next year.
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Re: Dick Mack's

Postby MyIrishHome » Thu May 02, 2013 11:00 am

It sounds like a great evening. Hear and now I decided to try to make a trip for Ireland in end of August or September. End of I write since one of the goals will be to join in for a monthly tasting. Is it every month and always Thursday the it takes place?
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Re: Dick Mack's

Postby Fionnán » Thu May 02, 2013 5:02 pm

yep yep, every month and always the last thursday of the month
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