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Spodie Odie

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Spodie Odie

Postby ssascott » Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:58 am

Or spodee odee, etc. Usually wine spodieodie, like the song. It has a variety of spellings and meanings, but around here, it generally means “take whatever small amount of alcohol you have and dump it together and share “. Great idea! So Christmas usually means I get some $€£¥ from the relatives. Most goes for new Irish whiskey so I have to clear out the cabinet of empty bottles, mostly there for fluff, to make room for the new. I decided to draw the last drops from the empties for one last dram. Anyway, have everything from Crested Ten to Lord Lt Kinahan to regular Tullamore Dew. About 8 total for a little over an ounce. Results...highly recommend you try this! Wide range of flavors, you can separate some of the high end from the low end, but really enjoyable overall! After I reset tomorrow, I might bottle a 25 blend. Granted, this is after listening to to a mix of Dolores O’Riordan and Shane MacGowan, but if these are my role models, I’m doing OK!
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