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Clear Island Distillery.

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Clear Island Distillery.

Postby Good Whiskey Hunting » Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:32 am

I read in West Cork Times that there's a distillery planed for Clear Island in West Cork. They plan to have a visitor centre too.

Great new for the people in West Cork to get a distillery. I hope they get the planning and start up. There was a distillery planned for Horse Island a few years back but didn't go ahead.

I look forward to visiting them when they are up and running, that's if they'll have me.
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Re: Clear Island Distillery.

Postby charleymcguffin » Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:58 pm

I notice, that as of the 6/10/2015, that the plans were returned to the applicant as incomplete.A further application relating to this development may be submitted in due course.
A brief description of the project......
Development Description: The development will consist of: the provision of an integrated whiskey distillery
and associated development (with ancillary waste water treatment facilities) comprising: mash house/tun room
(171 sq m); fermentation building (236 sq m); stills building and decanting area (298sq m); visitor's centre, shop
and staff facilities (134sq m); glazed link area (16sq m) and cask stores (745 sq m), all ranging from one to three
storeys in height. The development will also consist of the provision of ancillary plant areas including
wastewater treatment plant enclosures and associated pipework; percolation areas; storage areas including water
tank and grain silos; ancillary staff and visitor areas; landscaping and boundary treatments; lighting; changes in
level and all ancillary site development and excavation works above and below ground. A Natura Impact
Statement will be submitted to the planning authority with the application
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