Midleton Very Rare - almost full set for sale

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Midleton Very Rare - almost full set for sale

Postby Anjinsan » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:38 pm

Hi all,

A former colleague from IDL has been on to me about his Midleton Very Rare collection which he might consider selling. He has every year from 1984 - 2016 except for a 1988. He is looking to sell them as one lot, and is not interested on selling them off by the individual bottle as that would be too much hassle.

He is quite old and not that computer literate (he is from Limerick after all! Yes, I am joking of course on that one) so he has asked me to help him sell them.
I have advised him that around €30K would be a fair ask for the 32 bottles. All are boxed with cert, invite, full fill etc etc. Photos can be provided on request.

Any interest, please PM.

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