Estimate of some whiskeys.

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Estimate of some whiskeys.

Postby monaco » Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:10 pm

Hi to everyone.
I have a small collection of whiskeys (ABOUT 100 bottles) and i found you to have some estomate and info because i am going to sell some of them.
I start a list of some of them.
1. Midleton bottle number 145/1000 in wood box
175th anniversary 700ml 40%
2. Gordon and McPhail Highland Park 1973 bottled 2002 wood case
3. Jameson Limited edition number 10309 15 years old
4. Jack Daniel's number 7 inagural 1,5 lt
5. Cutty Sark 25 years old

I would like an estimation for these bottles. If anybody is interested just send me a message.
All bottles are unopened and sealed.
Thanks in advance.
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