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New whiskey pub app

Postby Good Whiskey Hunting » Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:56 pm have come up with a nice App. We should help them with their research.
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Re: New whiskey pub app

Postby IrishWhiskey.Com » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:02 am

Thanks Will,

We've been having a busy few months.

After a year of very hard work, I was successful in securing the domain which had been parked since it was first registered in the 1990s.

For the last year I have been gently nursing the domain back to Google Good Health, while at the same time working very closely with the Irish Whiskey Industry to ensure that everything we do supports rather than hinders the development of Irish Whiskey in the future.

The plan is to gradually develop the site into an online Center of Excellence for |Irish Whiskey information and news.

I am also rolling out a large number of International Irish Whiskey sites in France, Russia, China, Japan, Latvia, South Africa, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, etc.

All of these will be on appropriate http://www.IrishWhiskey .*** (for that particular country) domains and will be expertly written and edited in partnership with native speaking whiskey bloggers. The first of these sites is being formally launched today in Paris at http://IrishWhiskey.Fr.

I am also launching three levels of Irish Whiskey Tourism sites. Advertising will be free for all pub and venue owners. will be at the top level. Essentially, this will be a Roll of Honour for Irish Whiskey Pubs and Tourism Venues on the Island of Ireland. If you like, a Blue Book Guide for Irish Whiskey Venues. Listings are by invitation only and I would welcome the views of the society on who should be honoured.

The second level will be the local Irish Whiskey Trail Sites. Galway already has a locally run Whiskey Trail and we are working closely with them to support them on social media etc. I have just launched the Dublin Whiskey Trail website and Smart Phone "App" at It's not really a true App but it works just like one. The idea of the search App is that you can look for a pub in Dublin etc. that not only serves Irish Whiskey but a pub that serves particular brands of Irish Whiskey. Users can also add ratings and comments. While advertising is free for Pub and venue owners, all applications will be vetted to ensure that they are genuine Irish Whiskey Pubs.

The final level is or IrishWhiskey.Pub (Same site). This is similar to the above but it will list Irish Whiskey Pubs all over the world. So if you land in say Stockholm or Sydney, you can quickly search for local Irish Whiskey Pubs that serve say Redbreast or Teeling etc.You can also search by ratings. There will be no restrictions on listings here as the rating and feed back tools will quickly identify poor quality venues.

A similar site and "App" will be launched for Scotch Whisky at ScotchWhisky.Pub and http://ScotchWhiskyPub.Com.

Other news? I am also working to further refine and develop the Pooka Scale for Irish Whiskey at And we have some other exciting projects for next year!

I'd love to hear your suggestions and feedback on any of the above either here or as and when I meet my fellow Irish Whiskey Society members at events around the country

Kind regards,

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