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Postby ridge004 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:06 am

Seamus wrote:
John wrote:That's a great line up Seamus! Hope you all enjoyed the night :thumbsup:
Was there any consensus in terms of a favourite amongst the group?

IrishWhiskeyChaser wrote:Seamus, I think you got seriously spoiled with that selection ;)

Sounded like a wonderful night ....

Will done to Pat :thumbsup:

We certainly did get well spoiled.

There was a consensus but I don't recall which ended up being the final favorite. It's so hard to pick anyway - like choosing favorite family members! I do recall Slieve Foy was well liked on its own merits in addition to having a fun personal connection for a member of the group. The Millenium Malt and Palace Bar pours may have been the two with the most hands in the air during our 'vote early and often' poll at the end. Those were the two I voted for, although I probably most appreciated the opportunity to try the two Teelings. I recall reading reviews of them when they were released and wondering if I'd ever have the opportunity to try them. Well done to Pat indeed!

It was quite a pleasure to be joined by such a worthy group of devotees in a long and happy tasting. (Not everyone sampled everything, I hasten to add.) The Teelings were particular favorites, though there was quite a variation in people's preferences. I am happy to report that Seamus was his usual stalwart self, providing plenty of insights!
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